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Wow, I’m really dropping the ball on my blogging frequency! In fairness I’ve been pretty busy producing ‘Russell Howard’s Good News‘ for BBC3 and also ‘Mouth To Mouth‘ also for BBC3… Needless to say, it’s been a very busy end to 2009!

Anyway, I’ve seen so much good stuff on the internet that has inspired me that I thought I’d post a few links of things I’ve seen in the hope that anybody sniffing around here doesn’t think I’m just some creepy Michael Jackson fan (yes my last blog post was more ’emo’ than an episode of ‘One Tree Hill’).

So to kick off, I’ve just seen a beautiful animation by Andersen M Studio. I’m a huge fan of making things textured, hand made even. There is always something warm about images that look like they have been crafted by hand.

Some things have just made me laugh… Proper belly laugh.

Until the next blog… Adieu!


New website alert! And this one looks to be a real treat if you are in the TV production game. has a mission statement

‘TV Mole has been set up to celebrate and raise the profile of factual TV development and increase the standard of development skills across the industry.’

Speaking for myself, this is great news. I’ve worked in development for a majority of my time in the TV industry and I believe as a creative working in TV you are always going to spending a large chunk of your time in development in some form or another – so this website will be a huge fountain of knowledge.

The TVMole herself is Nicola Lees an old colleague of mine from our time at the BBC. I could go on and on about all the reasons to listen to her, but her bio speaks for itself:

‘Nicola Lees has developed hundreds of factual programmes for network and cable channels in the UK and USA, including the BBC, Discovery Channel, Travel Channel and TLC.

Nicola has written more than 370 factual television programme proposals, and has been directly involved in originating, researching, writing or pitching more than 80 commissioned programs, including Oceans (Oceans), Moms on the Road (Travel Channel), How Not to Be Shark Bait (Discovery), Desperate Midwives (BBC3) and the BAFTA nominated Earth: Power of the Planet (BBC2/Nat Geo).’

Development is seen as a bit of a ‘dark art’ so I think it’s great that Nicola has set up this site to share her years of yoda-esque knowledge!

The Wire

The Wire

First off. Slightly misleading title. When I say ruined, what I really mean is it has ruined my television tolerance of what shall now be deemed as ‘post The Wire television’. What started as a collection of friends and colleagues going on and on about ‘another’ US cop show, has evolved to a situation where I now must proceed with my life as a TV producer and TV viewer – with the bar set so high – I need NASA to help me even try and reach it.

For those of you lucky enough to have not yet discovered The Wire… Stop… Think… Do you really want to make every other TV show you will watch from now on, feel shallow and contrived? I’m serious. It’s a nightmare. Now try and make your own TV show with The Wire looming large above you. It’s ridiculous!

I loved The Wire, it totally knocked me off my feet. I haven’t stopped gushing about how good it is since I got past the first 3 episodes. Put it this way, I found myself on the internet in the middle of the night buying a ‘Carcetti For Mayor’ hooded jumper (those in the know – know who he is). It’s embarrassing.

What I think is awesome though, is what an influence it is already having on my preparations for my next TV series. What started as a box set marathon of epic proportions has now filtered out into the creative team I work with. It has become a shared experience that has inspired and influenced us in a way that I hope organically informs the content we produce. Shows like The Wire, come along and whilst may not be as big as ‘Lost’ or ‘Heroes’, have an affect on the people that are responsible for future TV shows. I won’t be surprised when in the next 5-10 years people are sighting ‘The Wire’ as major influences in their work. Also using it as proof that television can be more… More than just clichéd story telling wrapped up in McDonald’s style packages.

I remember when Public Enemy sang “Don’t believe the hype”.

In The Wire’s case they were wrong.


I’ve followed this story for a while now and for once in a LONG time I have found something American genuinely funny 😉

These two Youtube videos have come from Jimmy Kimmels US TV Talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live‘ on the ABC network.

A quick bit of background is that Sarah Silverman in the first video is Jimmy’s girlfriend and also a pretty funny stand up comedian.

This is a pretty big viral success with the second video only being online for a couple of days and already having hit 1 Million hits (on just one of the versions on Youtube). Jimmy Kimmel is a bit of an unknown over here so it will be interesting to see what this does for his profile in the UK & the rest of the world.

So let me introduce to you: I’m Fu**ing Matt Damon & I’m Fu**ing Ben Affleck… Enjoy.

*UPDATE* Looks like Kevin Smith, Seth Rogan and the cast of Zack and Miri Make a Porno wanted to get in on the action. Enjoy.

New Knght Rider

Knight Rider is coming back to our television screens or at least he is back on American screens in a new 120 min TV movie soon to air on NBC. KITT has had a bit of a facelift, he’s been blinged up in the guise of a new Ford Mustang (see Youtube video of the unveiling).

NBC has announced some multiplatform goodness in the form of an ‘interactive’ digital KITT car and behind the scenes footage. Not all that groundbreaking, but I can’t help but be a bit excited as I was a huge fan of the 80’s Knight Rider, I grew up on that series. One man (The Hoff), his car (KITT) and needy citizens wanting some Knight Rider protection. Knight Rider was a sort of Robin Hood figure… Without the tights.

NBC seem rather committed to multiplatform support for pretty much all of its output, in The Futon Critics post you can see what they have planned for the year ahead.