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I truly wish they had made a feature out of Halo. Having seen District 9 (directed by Neil Blomkamp) I can only imagine what he would have done with this material.


A post by caught my eye this morning. It seems that a video posted on Youtube showing how the upcoming computer game Tiger Woods 09 has a bug that lets Tiger Woods walk on water. No big deal really as the internet & Youtube have proved that a game with great bugs, makes great Youtube fodder/free advertising for your game (that it is unless the bugs fundamentally make your game unplayable).

So here are the two videos. I don’t think I’ve managed to find the original but this is the same user video content all the same.

Now see what the computer game publisher did to come back at this video, thereby creating online hype and maximising the viral nature of their mistake. This is some clever stuff, even if the whole thing turns out to be a viral campaign. Colour me impressed.

It’s this kind of thing that really serves the gaming audience well as it makes EA, for a minute, seem less like a big-game-publishing-machine, and a little more human. I’m prediciting that this stunt positivly effects user perception of their brand. Nice work.

Jay Is Games is always my first stop for casual gaming goodness. It’s like gaming crack for those spare 5 mins I try and find at points throughout my day.

Jay Is Games - Casual Gameplay Design Competition

I wanted to flag the 5th Casual Gameplay Design Competition open for voting at the moment. Not only are there some fantastic games to play over there, but I’m loving the website itself. Great interface which allows for immediate access to the games without having to launch pop up windows or be taken off to other websites. Top job.

(Direct Link to Competition entries)

Now, get voting. My personal vote goes for Robert Plank.

So GDC 2008 has come to an end in San Francisco (which once again I didn’t attend?!). Not strictly multiplatform news, but hey, it’s good to know what’s up and coming on the gaming front anyway! Having recently integrated a PS3 into my world (alongside the Xbox, DS, PSP and Macbook!!) I’m feeling all kinds of love for using it as a media centre where I’m watching movies, Youtube (it gives me web access dontcha know) and killin’ loud mouthed American kids in games of Warhawk!

With IP TV becoming a powerful force on the horizon, Microsoft getting into bed with British Telecom (in the UK) to deliver IPTV via it’s Xbox 360 and PS3 deploying its Play TV set up; gaming and the hardware used to play these games is going to become an important part of the multiplatform landscape, more important than in the past.

Anyway, here are a couple of great sites with some fantastic coverage of this years GDC.

Eurogamer, as always, has great editorial coverage of GDC with links to photo and video content. also has extensive video coverage of the event including game demos and interviews, worth a look about if you are wanting to get a quick fix of up and coming games.

Things that have impressed me have been some of the technology demos of up and coming gaming engines (see Far Cry 2 below), I’m also excited by Microsofts XNA platform, which without getting too geeky is a new way for users to create games that then become available to play on the Xbox 360 via download. This is great news and could mean there is an easy and cost effective way for people and small development teams to get their games onto a major gaming platform.

There is all sorts of other great stuff, some of which I’ll link to below.

Far Cry 2 has a mind blowing demo of how the game will handle weather effects and even details such as vegetation growth?? Worth a look anyway.

XNA. This is a seemingly boring little interview, but the repercussions from this are going to be great for gaming. Also worth checking out some early games created for this new platform here.

Also you can’t talk about GDC 2008 without mentioning Gears Of War 2. Gears Of War was a massive game released for the Xbox 360 last year, there are rumblings that a movie is in works for this too and the second game in the series is looking to ramp up the narrative aspects of this game beyond guns, killin’, big muscles, more guns and testosterone… Yeah, good luck with that one!

I’m not doing so well with this whole blog thing am I? I mean, I set out to actually write interesting articles on the great things I’d find on the web and so far I’m posting giant link dumps… Anyway, I’ve tried to add content between the links so that it’s not like I have just cut and pasted my bookmark folder… Honest.

QR-Code Generator
A nice quick way to generate your very own semacodes so that people with semacode reader mobile phones can check out your content. Semacodes have been popping up on movie posters and products and act as a quick way to access content, think of it as a visual hyperlink that you take a picture of with your phone and it takes you to a website.

Stage6 · Cult Movie Theater · Videos
WOW!!!! This is to blame for not getting to sleep until 4:00am for the past 3 days. I’m obsessed with these blatantly shit films. Enjoy!

Free family tree – Genealogy
This is basically a free Genealogy website that does what most of the pay sites have been doing for a while. Nice and easy to set up it does what it sets out to do.

Online Puzzles & Brain Games – Smart-Kit
This is a like an online Brain Training game.

Wild Mood Swings – Surf the web on a whim

Finds websites based on your current mood. A bit ugly to look at, but it works. A bit like me really.

We Feel Fine / by Jonathan Harris and Sep Kamvar
Searches internet blogs etc for posts that mention peoples feelings. It then visualizes these ‘feelings’ and you can click and read through these emotions. It’s a bit hippy, but cool at the same time.

Soon to be released website for downloading music legally without DRM (Digital Rights Management). Looks nice and should have a lot of music to choose from. Could this be an itunes beater?! Uses P2P for downloading as well.

Musicovery : interactive webRadio
Another great site for listening to music and find out what other music you may like. Works like Amazons ‘If you like this you may also like’…

I’m not sure how this is legal, but, it seems to be quite brilliant. You can upload your music to this website as a virtual ‘locker’ and then play it from anywhere. You can also listen to other peoples music as a radio station.

QWERTY Warriors
Great game, would probably teach kids to type faster than other methods, but slightly immoral too!

Samorost 1
Still my favourite game ever. Gobsmacking. If The Mighty Boosh ever made a game, this would be it.

Mouse Party
Nice little educational flash experience on the effects of drug taking.

Escape Game [ VISION ]
Another interesting point and click game from the makers of Sphere. Hours of frustrating adventures guaranteed!

WALL-E – Pixar movies new trailer
Damn it this looks fantastic. I predict that I’ll get something in my eye during many moments of this film… <– I am a big girl.

Spherical Images Virtual Tours specialists and experts in Object RotationsThis is a very beautifully made virtual 3D tour website. It all works within the browser so no need for pluggins etc. The quality of the images is fantastic and uses High Dynamic Range images so really stand out. It’s very slick and a joy to use.

Kongregate: Play free games online
Games website, nice. I’m addicted to Jay Is Games, so now I have ANOTHER games site to distract me when I should be doing something else!!

Webware: Cool Web 2.0 apps for everyone
This does what it says on the tin!

Pentrix – Tricks
This must be mastered!!!!! Thanks to my boss for giving me something else to be obsessed by???? Like I don’t already have a problem with shit like this!!

Cloverfield: Third-Person Shooter
An interesting post that mirrors my feeling that Cloverfield is the closest thing to a live action video game I have ever seen. It really felt like I was immersed in a video game due to the familiar tricks used in gaming and the scripted events playing out at regular moments in the film.

Multiplayer Online Games Directory
Another good resource for MMO information.

Second Skin Trailer
Interesting documentary (trailer) about virtual worlds and the lives of people affected by them. Very similar to a BBC documentary within the Wonderland series.

The Agency
Sounds very interesting, definitely one to bookmark for when it is released. I think this could be the game that brings the casual action gamers into the MMO world. Could be a huge hit.

2008 Animated Shorts Oscar Nominees
I remember back in the day when I’d have to buy up video tapes of the animated nominees for the Oscars. It was a military operation to track down and find copies of films I had heard about or got snippets of from the Oscar TV programme… Now Youtube has them!

PMOG | The Passively Multiplayer Online Game
An MMO for your web browser.

Play A Multiplayer Online Game While Surfing The Web: PMOG
Interesting, kind of like Stumbleupon but you can create missions for people to do whilst browsing the internet. Haven’t had a chance to try it out yet

YouTube: (De)Coding Culture Online (2 of 2) & Youtube: (De) Coding Culture Online (1 of 2)
Eleanor Baird from MIT has been looking at the sort of content that is succesful on Youtube.

Organizing Uselessness: Tweetmeme
Damn, I knew this day would come. Someone will actually try to organize Twitter into something coherent. Pah, it will never happen!!

London Evening Standard headline generator
Scarily accurate!

GAME LAUNCH: Conspiracy Asylum
Fundi Games are back at it again with Conspiracy Asylum File Zero. A chance to get in on a game early doors.

BBC NEWS | Technology | Nasa investigates virtual space
Greetings Starfighter!
NASA are going to use virtual 3D games to recruit future Astronauts. It worked for the US army who used a FPS (First Person Shooter) called America’s Army to recruit their future soldiers so why not NASA?