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Ok, so I’m not talking about the 1980 Mike Hodges film… Although I could… for hours. Max Von Sidow is the campest evil deathlord to grace the silver screen ever. It’s a fact.

Anyway, the point of this post is to share some great flash website links (a-ha, you see the tenuous link now?!) that I have come across in the past couple of days whilst doing some research. There’s not much more to say really other than it still amazes me the great stuff designers are doing with flash. The innovation in some of the stuff I’ve been seeing is staggering and very impressive.

The sites I’m sharing all offer something, whether it be smart use of audio, innovative navigation or great design. What they all share, in my opinion, is a strong balance between innovation and technology with great content. The user experience and the way in which they interface with the site is key to their coolness.

If any of you know of some great flash sites please share the love.