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Mark Iddon

I’m Mark Iddon. My background is a bit of an eclectic mish mash… I’ve produced all sorts of TV programmes and also worked in interactive TV (red button) and other online shenanigans. I write, produce and develop ideas using whatever platforms suit the project and am always on the look out for new stuff to work on.

I live in North London inside a very small box.

I’m currently a freelance producer working with Avalon Television. I’m producing a BBC3 comedy TV show with Russell Howard called ‘Russell Howards Good News’ which we completed series 1 of in December 09 and are about to begin series 2. I’ve also just finished a comedy/drama series for BBC3 called ‘Mouth To Mouth’ which aired in November ’09… In a nutshell, I’m keeping myself busy.

You can follow me on Twitter here:

Or email me here if you want to get in touch: multiplatformmonkey @

Why is this blog called ‘The Lucky Monkey Principle’?

Well… Everybody knows that monkeys bring good luck to any project you include them in. This is a FACT. Therefore in everything I make, you will always find hidden somewhere within it – a lucky monkey (until a project I make fails miserably in which case I have a back up plan of lucky badgers).

This is, of course, my own personal blog so the views expressed in here are mine all mine and not necessarily those of any of my employers.

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