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I am a life long MJ fan. Still very saddened by the loss of such an influential artist to not only the world, but on a very personal level, myself. Being a child of the 80’s I very much caught the MJ bug from as early as I can remember, watching his videos and listening to his music until I knew every nuance of every line of every song and dance move. I was so truly affected by everything he did, that it genuinely inspired me to do what I do today; which is make TV programmes with what I hope is the same quest for entertainment and energy that he had.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss him, and miss the fact that I’ll never get to see what he might have done over the next many years. He was an icon. He  still is an icon. I can’t wait to have kids and hopefully pass on that same pure joy and excitement that watching MJ perform had for me. He was one in a million.

Here he is at his ultimate best. Moonwalkers – Smooth Criminal. I still catch my self holding my breath and twitching on the beat with his every move. He may be gone, but somewhere in me, he is still very much alive.

Sorry for this slightly personal rant. It may come across corny and it may seem a tad embarrassing to read… But it’s my blog, so deal with it 😉


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