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I’ve not really updated my blog for a while due to being a busy little bee (and also a pinch of lazy blogger syndrome). I thought it would be a good thing to shamelessly plug what I have been up to, which is producing a Multiplatform/TV Comedy Drama pilot called ‘Mouth To Mouth’ for BBC3 here in the UK.

Here’s the blurb:

Wannabe pop star Meeshell Reeves wants nothing more from life than to be famous.  When her girl group, Cats Eyes, is accepted on TV talent show Fame Search, she feels her destiny is about to be fulfilled.  Alongside lifelong friend Devine and new member, Chloe the girls prepare for their big moment.  But with a tragedy marring her past and her mother pushing her onward, the pressure on Meeshell begins to grow.  When opportunity knocks, she grabs her chance at fame, but at what cost to herself and her friends?  Delivered straight to camera, this funny, wry and moving comedy-drama explores the perils and pitfalls of the modern day phenomenon that is disposable celebrity.

Chloe, Meeshell, Devine

Chloe, Meeshell, Devine

I had the great pleasure to work with a young and exciting cast (Anna Nightingale, Ayesha Antoine & Pippa Duffy) and an equally brilliant creative team (Director – Craig Young, Writer – Karl Minns, DOP – Tim Sutton, Art Dep – Sam Clark Hall, Website – Graphic Monkey, Web Guru – Tristan Cotterill) on this pilot. Our aspirations with the project should it go to series are to really build the stories (of which in the series there will be many different ones crossing over with online based characters) creating a conversation online with our audience.

We have launched on two platforms as being a pilot we just want to reach as many people as possible.

We have a BBC website here. Which has the pilot broken down into chapters and via a scrapbook we have created enhanced content (photo’s, written material etc) that help expand the story beyond what would be possible within the video content. We have also filmed exclusive videos that are shot by the shows characters in character. Again, everything is aiming to enhance the story. All material was made by the same team that made the pilot. There is even a music track that we recorded with the girls.

And a Bebo website here. The Bebo site offers up community features that we didn’t implement in the BBC website. There is the ability to gain an insight from the audience into what they think of the pilot and create a dialogue with us the programme makers. The BBC site maintains the fiction of the world the girls live in, whereas the Bebo site is more of a transparent place where we are open about the fact that this is a pilot and we want to get feedback on the show. Hence why we have included a behind the scenes gallery. The cast will be on hand to respond to any comments on the site and we hope to be updating the Bebo page as we do any PR activities with new photos etc.

We are also being broadcast on BBC 3 on November 7th at 9:30pm.

Let me know what you think. Here’s Chapter 1, the rest can be found at any of the above websites.



  1. I watched the first two episodes recently and I must say I really enjoyed them. The narration format was really good and you end up with unexpected surprises you dive into the next episode. Looking forward to the rest. Well done, guys. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the comment on my site. I also wanted to say that I finished watching all the six episodes. The show just gets better as you progress further into the story. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s one of those feelgood shows that reaches out to people. On a side note, I honestly didn’t see that coming about Faith. M2M’s excellent and I am definitely looking forward to more from you guys. 🙂

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