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Monthly Archives: August 2008

A post by caught my eye this morning. It seems that a video posted on Youtube showing how the upcoming computer game Tiger Woods 09 has a bug that lets Tiger Woods walk on water. No big deal really as the internet & Youtube have proved that a game with great bugs, makes great Youtube fodder/free advertising for your game (that it is unless the bugs fundamentally make your game unplayable).

So here are the two videos. I don’t think I’ve managed to find the original but this is the same user video content all the same.

Now see what the computer game publisher did to come back at this video, thereby creating online hype and maximising the viral nature of their mistake. This is some clever stuff, even if the whole thing turns out to be a viral campaign. Colour me impressed.

It’s this kind of thing that really serves the gaming audience well as it makes EA, for a minute, seem less like a big-game-publishing-machine, and a little more human. I’m prediciting that this stunt positivly effects user perception of their brand. Nice work.