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Monthly Archives: March 2008

Firstly let me give you a definition of what a Swede is. Actually hold that thought, I’m going to let this one explain itself through the below Youtube videos.

I love how the movie ‘Be Kind Rewind’ which launched this onslaught of sweded movies, has achieved a great level of multiplatform involvement of online users.

So that is the movie that kicked this whole trail of Swede films on Youtube. They even Swede their own movie trailer.

Here is a lesson in How To Swede

And here are some of the best Sweded movies I have found.

Or for the ultimate TRON Swede click here.


Jay Is Games is always my first stop for casual gaming goodness. It’s like gaming crack for those spare 5 mins I try and find at points throughout my day.

Jay Is Games - Casual Gameplay Design Competition

I wanted to flag the 5th Casual Gameplay Design Competition open for voting at the moment. Not only are there some fantastic games to play over there, but I’m loving the website itself. Great interface which allows for immediate access to the games without having to launch pop up windows or be taken off to other websites. Top job.

(Direct Link to Competition entries)

Now, get voting. My personal vote goes for Robert Plank.

*UPDATE* It seems I’m not the only one questioning Fred & Shazza. The Museum Of Hoaxes have written about it too: linky

Hello all, sorry for my disgusting lack of updates on this blog. I once again realise that this seems to be somewhat of a trend of mine, in fact I think I will always start my blog posts with an apology of some kind… You know… Just to be on the safe side.

I’m really interested in a collection of Youtube videos by a user called ‘FredSpencerpu’. Now somebody linked me to one of their videos, which then turned out to be on the top ten video viral chart. It’s doing huge numbers and immediately sparked my interest.

At this point it’s worth me saying that I haven’t gotten to the bottom of whether this is a clever, clever piece of comedy Youtube material, or for real. Either way, for me, this is some brilliant online content that I am enjoying by the bucket load.

Somehow I can imagine a comedy drama series coming off of the back of this, but I’m pretty sure I’m wrong.

What do you guys think? Anybody know anymore?