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I hate clowns. I really really do. They freak me out to the extent that I spent last night having night terrors after watching the shitty Stephen King movie IT. Now I know I’m not alone in my freakish fear of the red nosed  evil performers, but I’m amazed that there isn’t more of a scary clown presence in the media world. Seriously, where is the Dr Who episode where David Tennant gets attacked by a mental zombie clown?? Or even worse, how about Midget clowns? I shudder at the thought.

So I therefore challenge the multiplatform world…

Bring on the scary clowns.



  1. I’m scared of clowns too I wonder why that is Coulrophobia must be quite wide spread. I wonder if there is a link between that and some common neurosis common in young men?

  2. Hey Mark, although it is not multi-platform, ‘When Evil Calls’ is at least a bit different: it is a made-for-mobile (clown) horror. Check out:

  3. Christ on a bike! That is a great find. Looking into it some more, the series is also a feature film soon to be released on DVD n the US & UK.

    Definitely a bit different and an interesting distribution model in that you could pay to download the ‘series’ over 20 episodes and then later on buy the complete series on DVD.

    It’s a pretty nasty clown as well that had me heading behind the sofa as soon as it started… I think the clown from IT and this one are related.

    Thanks Christy!

  4. “Christ on a bike” hehe.

    Yeah, I should of been specific: it is multi-platform distribution, just not multi-platform expansion. I’m not a horror fan (scary!), but I like it when mobile dramas feature a mobile phone into the story in a clever way. Happy hiding behind the sofa!

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