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Those people at Lonelygirl15 and KateModern are very good at product placement aren’t they?!

Their most recent movement has seen them colliding with the movie ‘Jumper’ and bringing in characters that literally Jump into the series. I remember Jamie Bell turning up in KateModern when he was making Hallam Foe, but that was out of character, this is ‘in character’… very cool.

Sites to check out are Watchyourjack (a youtube channel) this seems to be where the story is playing out. There is also information at and also in this forum from LG15. In the below video the character from Watchyourjack mentions ‘Paladins’ which are the baddies in the Movie ‘Jumper’. It’s a cool crossover and a more interesting way to integrate publicity into a narrative form.


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    […] last twist in the plot is that the movie Jumper decided to sponsor the current season of Lonelygirl15. The idea being that the plot of the new season will reflect that of the movie. Having read this […]

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