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Monthly Archives: February 2008

I’ve followed this story for a while now and for once in a LONG time I have found something American genuinely funny 😉

These two Youtube videos have come from Jimmy Kimmels US TV Talk show ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live‘ on the ABC network.

A quick bit of background is that Sarah Silverman in the first video is Jimmy’s girlfriend and also a pretty funny stand up comedian.

This is a pretty big viral success with the second video only being online for a couple of days and already having hit 1 Million hits (on just one of the versions on Youtube). Jimmy Kimmel is a bit of an unknown over here so it will be interesting to see what this does for his profile in the UK & the rest of the world.

So let me introduce to you: I’m Fu**ing Matt Damon & I’m Fu**ing Ben Affleck… Enjoy.

*UPDATE* Looks like Kevin Smith, Seth Rogan and the cast of Zack and Miri Make a Porno wanted to get in on the action. Enjoy.


How great is this?! I’ve always been intrigued to see how music can be expressed in all shapes and forms. Multiplatform music collaboration is something I have kept a keen eye on over the years and as a musician myself I love the idea that via the internet I could one day jam with my brother over 100 miles away without any real latency issues.

That dream is of course pretty much here. Below are a few links that show that the issues that have held collaboration back are being resolved at a rapid pace.

What I really want to know is, how long before I could potentially win the chance to perform with a musical legend from the comfort of my living room, whilst simultaneously broadcast live on TV?! I want to be able to perform live with musicians all over the world for Live Aid 2009!

eJamming – This is collaborative software that lets you jam and record a song with somebody anywhere in the world at the same time. Here is a blurb from Techcrunch:

“…allows musicians located anywhere to get together for jam sessions. Your drummer’s in New York, lead guitar is in India, your bass player is somewhere else, and you’re on keyboard. No problem. eJamming lets you jam anyway. And you can talk to the other musicians via a VOIP feature.”

Riffworks – This a audio recording tool with some great collaboration abilities.

“RiffLink Online Jamming
Record and collaborate with musicians from all over the world using the RiffLink interface integrated into RiffWorks. Any musician can join your session and work with you at the same time on the same song. There’s even a built-in chat client.

Thanks to loop recording, RiffWorks has no latency or distance problems like some other online music collaboration programs. Each RiffWorks layer is instantly streamed to other current users as well as saved on the server for users who wish to contribute later. There’s nothing like it!”

Ninjam – It’s probably best to read this post in regards to what Ninjam is. In a nutshell it is an online real time collaborative music software that has a unique way of dealing with the latency issue.

“Ninjam has come up with a unique solution to circumvent this issue.
Ninjam leverages the problem itself to turn it to its own favor.
By making latency much longer than it really is, NINJAM creates the opportunity to create something that would have appeared otherwise impossible.

The latency in Ninjam is measured in measures, and the Ninjam client records and streams synchronized intervals of music between participants.
Just as the interval finishes recording, it begins playing on everyone else’s client. So when you play through an interval, you’re playing along with the previous interval of everybody else, and they’re playing along with your previous interval.

If this sounds pretty bizarre, it sort of is, until you get used to it, then it becomes pretty natural.” – A collaborative community for making, collaborating and sharing music. This isn’t a realtime jamming platform, but a place to create and collaborate on a track by track basis.

Kompoz – Here is another community where you can upload, share and then collaborate on music you have created.

So GDC 2008 has come to an end in San Francisco (which once again I didn’t attend?!). Not strictly multiplatform news, but hey, it’s good to know what’s up and coming on the gaming front anyway! Having recently integrated a PS3 into my world (alongside the Xbox, DS, PSP and Macbook!!) I’m feeling all kinds of love for using it as a media centre where I’m watching movies, Youtube (it gives me web access dontcha know) and killin’ loud mouthed American kids in games of Warhawk!

With IP TV becoming a powerful force on the horizon, Microsoft getting into bed with British Telecom (in the UK) to deliver IPTV via it’s Xbox 360 and PS3 deploying its Play TV set up; gaming and the hardware used to play these games is going to become an important part of the multiplatform landscape, more important than in the past.

Anyway, here are a couple of great sites with some fantastic coverage of this years GDC.

Eurogamer, as always, has great editorial coverage of GDC with links to photo and video content. also has extensive video coverage of the event including game demos and interviews, worth a look about if you are wanting to get a quick fix of up and coming games.

Things that have impressed me have been some of the technology demos of up and coming gaming engines (see Far Cry 2 below), I’m also excited by Microsofts XNA platform, which without getting too geeky is a new way for users to create games that then become available to play on the Xbox 360 via download. This is great news and could mean there is an easy and cost effective way for people and small development teams to get their games onto a major gaming platform.

There is all sorts of other great stuff, some of which I’ll link to below.

Far Cry 2 has a mind blowing demo of how the game will handle weather effects and even details such as vegetation growth?? Worth a look anyway.

XNA. This is a seemingly boring little interview, but the repercussions from this are going to be great for gaming. Also worth checking out some early games created for this new platform here.

Also you can’t talk about GDC 2008 without mentioning Gears Of War 2. Gears Of War was a massive game released for the Xbox 360 last year, there are rumblings that a movie is in works for this too and the second game in the series is looking to ramp up the narrative aspects of this game beyond guns, killin’, big muscles, more guns and testosterone… Yeah, good luck with that one!

I hate clowns. I really really do. They freak me out to the extent that I spent last night having night terrors after watching the shitty Stephen King movie IT. Now I know I’m not alone in my freakish fear of the red nosed  evil performers, but I’m amazed that there isn’t more of a scary clown presence in the media world. Seriously, where is the Dr Who episode where David Tennant gets attacked by a mental zombie clown?? Or even worse, how about Midget clowns? I shudder at the thought.

So I therefore challenge the multiplatform world…

Bring on the scary clowns.

Those people at Lonelygirl15 and KateModern are very good at product placement aren’t they?!

Their most recent movement has seen them colliding with the movie ‘Jumper’ and bringing in characters that literally Jump into the series. I remember Jamie Bell turning up in KateModern when he was making Hallam Foe, but that was out of character, this is ‘in character’… very cool.

Sites to check out are Watchyourjack (a youtube channel) this seems to be where the story is playing out. There is also information at and also in this forum from LG15. In the below video the character from Watchyourjack mentions ‘Paladins’ which are the baddies in the Movie ‘Jumper’. It’s a cool crossover and a more interesting way to integrate publicity into a narrative form.