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Happy New Year! Just thought I’d get that out of the way.

I trust your New Year celebrations were as destructive as mine? I could barely remember my own name for at least two days afterwards… But enough about that, although I haven’t posted since mid December, I’ve still been collecting some juicy websites that I’ll share in the below link dump (it’s a BIG dump – but I’m still playing catch up). If you like the stuff I’ve found, don’t forget to keep tabs on my feed as I update that on a daily basis. Or of course you can continue to wait for me to post these, either way works for me.

I’m looking forward to a multiplatform filled 2008 – I’m working on an amazing top secret project that I wish I could share – hopefully 2008 will be the year It’s comes to fruition! Fingers crossed anyway.

Enjoy the links.

Death Village – Flash Game
I love this game! Found it via Kotaku website. Beautiful animation and interesting concept. You don’t control your character yourself, you control his environment. There were some early Nintendo games like this and funnily this reminds me of a SNES game graphically. Tricky, but fun. | Play Games, Make Friends, Have Fun
Doof is a social network built around computer gaming. You can play games with other users and create a profile, it is actually nicely implemented. Worth a look anyway.

Teen social media practices
This is a blog post on teens and social media based on a recent Pew report. There are links in the blog to the report and it also pulls out some interesting points.

Cursor*10 – Flash Game
Arghh I love this game. Hint… Your first go creates a trail for your second… Third… Amazing.

Best Freeware Games of ’07
WOW, this is a time saver and a half. Great list of top free games of 2007.

ARGNet: Launching Into ’08: New Games and New Beginnings
A round up of some up-and-coming ARG shenanigans for 2008. If (like me) you tend to find out about new ARG’s after it is too late to join in (or at least try to) this is a good place to get some early heads up.

Jane McGonigal – How I Spent My 2007, or, a Year in Review
Amazing blog post by Jane McGonigal a games designer who has written some of the best research papers on ARG’s, immersive gaming etc. Here is a run down of her 2007 in review. Some gems in here. I’m also excited to know what this new project she’s working on is…

Top 10 Most Pirated Movies and TV Shows of 2007
Interesting stats regarding what are the top torrent downloads. It would be interesting to look at a side by side comparison on chart stats on these same programmes to see if they tally up.

Secret Websites, Coded Messages: The New World of Immersive Games
The future of advertising isn’t writing better slogans or using cool photography or video. It’s creating interactive stories people can explore over their phones, on the web & real life.

The Year in Online Video 2007
Wired magazine bloggers have collected 12 of their favourite viral videos from the year.

User-Drawn Characters Coming to PS3 Games?
Playstation 3 are going to introduce the concept that you can draw your own character and that will then become the star of the game. Somehow I’m sure that the Nintendo DS has already done this? I’m sure this will be more advanced.

Not sure what this is going to become (apart from a game of course) but I love the artwork and can’t wait to see what happens with it in the future. The artwork is stunning.
Write a letter to yourself in the future. I don’t know what I’d write… I’m so forgetful I’d probably just remind myself to feed the dog (even though I actually don’t own one yet).

Great, simple and effective way to tell a story with optional interactivity (in a pop up book kind of way).

Modern Living / Neurotica series
Very cool flash animation site. Nice little tricks in each animation. Clean and simple too.

Diego Goldberg :: The Arrow of Time
This is a great way of showing a families timeline through photography. Simple site, but clear and well laid out.

I love this art project. The site looks great, but the concept is great too.

Girls are big social media users
From Guardian PDA blog.

Internet TV – 2007 – A Year In Review
A great round up of how internet TV has moved on during 2007.

The Future Of Entertainment
Neil Perkin blogs about The Future Foundation (and some other consortium members including Sony, Orange, EMI, Channel 4, The Guardian) on a research project called “Entertainment Futures” which attempted to explore and define the role of leisure, entertainment etc.

Futurologists predict trends for 2008
Around the world, an elite band of trend-spotters spend their days providing businesses with glimpses of the future. So what do these ‘futurologists’ predict for 2008?

Just another meme vector
Great blog all about serious games/games and journalism. Written by a fellow multiplatform bod Philip Trippenbach. Interesting stuff.

Using YouTube To Quit Television
Youtube can be the perfect way to cut down on TV… And here is why. watch out
Stream video from your mobile to the interne with a 5 second delay with… There could be so many applications for this within a multiplatform context, I haven’t used it yet, but if it can deliver it gives a great, quick way to get content from a mobile to a blog quickly and with low tech.

Message from the Web
If you haven’t read Tim Bray’s “Message from the Web”, take a few minutes to do so now.

Analyst Sees Multimedia Hubs Dominating in 2008
2008 will belong to the Multimedia Hubs… PS3, Xbox 360 etc.

Mod My Life
Want to control somebodies life for an hour?

Holophonic Sound Recordings
Use earphones whilst you try this website out. This is simply amazing.

BBC iPlayer – Flash
Flash iPlayer! Only works in the UK. Very excited to finally be able to watch stuff on my Mac.

Google Blog: Knol
Google does Wikipedia…

30 Years of LucasFilm Christmas Cards
Brilliant. I can only imagine how much all of these are worth!



  1. Cursor*10 Rocks! Thanks for posting this.

    Best Freeware Games of ‘07 – BROKEN LINK! BOO!

  2. The link does work, you just have to wait (for what feels like forever) for it to appear.You must be patient young Padawan 😉

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