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I got so excited that BBC’s iPlayer is finally up and running on my Mac, that I thought I’d see what the rest of the web has to offer right now in regards to video content. There are plenty of big players out there all trying to gain their ‘piece’ of online broadcasting real estate and below is a list of links to what I feel are some of the best in hosting content and allowing users to upload their own… er… content.

What is interesting is how many of them have already been bought or are part of major broadcasting corporations, again showing how much this area of the Internet is growing. The Guardian reported that 16-24 year olds are spending 12 hours (on average) a week online which is up 1 hour on last years figures. So after they they have watched 11 hours of porn, they obviously have some time for ‘other’ video content! With viewers moving fluidly between TV broadcasts and online broadcasts and the convergence of their delivery (I already have friends that view the Internet via their PS3 watching content from the Internet on their TV) it’s not surprising that so many corporations are increasing their visibility and fighting for an audience.

Here is also a great blog post from ‘read write web’ giving an Internet TV review of 2007.

Enjoy my gift of linkage…


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