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It’s Thursday, the weather here in London is miserable and I thought it would be a good time to post a quick update on some exciting multiplatform shenanigans from across the web.

First up is my favourite bunch of guys in jumpsuits (Power Rangers being my second) it’s the Ghostbusters. I still have flashbacks of being allowed to go and see the first movie with my dad in a crappy cinema in Blackpool. I think the fact that Blackpool is full of the strangest looking people in England only added to the terror I felt when the ugly old “Shhhh” lady launched herself at Bill Murrays face. Well, they are back, The Ghostbusters are jumping from the silver screen straight to a video game for the third instalment of the franchise. Due to them all getting old and no longer looking so hot in boiler suits, the guys have reformed and switched platforms from film to computer game. All the main cast are back and voicing their respective characters for a computer game coming out in Halloween 2008. Rumours bubbling in the ARG (Alternate Reality Games) community is that there could be an ARG game attached so I’ll be keeping my little Monkey eyes on that. The fanbase is still huge for this franchise and I think it’s a smart way of creating fresh content with the original cast without having to roll them out for a ‘Grumpy Old Ghostbusters’ movie. There had been rumours in the past about a CGI movie being in the works, or possibly a reboot of the entire series with a new younger cast. Maybe this is a way for the Ghostbusters team to dip their toes in to gauge the public’s reaction? I can’t wait.

Talking about ARG’s, the new Batman Film seems to have created an interesting ARG experience a couple of days ago. There were events that took place across the US in bakeries. It conspires that The Joker had hidden goodies inside cakes in these bakeries and after much cake destruction, players of the game went away happy little Batman bunnies. They also received a phone number to call which resulted in a new Batman poster being uncovered. It’s not my idea of a ground breaking campaign but it did help it to get some extra press coverage. To be honest though, I’m not sure what a huge prize uncovering the movie poster actually is? Then again for the Batman hardcore I’m sure it was exciting stuff.

Another large franchise jumping platforms is The Terminator, it will be making its way onto television screens in the not too distant future in the guise of The Sarah Conner Chronicles. In the US there has been a bunch of virals being played out on TV and if you go to the website you can see what it is all about. A new Terminator 4 movie is also in the works being directed by McG (Director of the classics… Charlies Angels 1 & 2 and… er… that’s it) so I wonder if we’ll see any link between the two? Who knows. I’m just not so sure I want to see Arnie all old and swollen like a bee stung pensioner. He’s getting so old that when he says “I’ll Be Back” it will take him ages and he’ll need a zimmer frame and a good sit down in the process.

I’m going to sign off by letting people know that BBC are launching a new Torchwood website (Torchwood is a spin off from Doctor Who a UK Sci-Fi series). There is going to be an online game to get involved with so watch this space. Torchwood has so much great sci-fi fodder to play with that I have high expectations for this experience and of Torchwood series two itself.


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