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Monthly Archives: December 2007

I got so excited that BBC’s iPlayer is finally up and running on my Mac, that I thought I’d see what the rest of the web has to offer right now in regards to video content. There are plenty of big players out there all trying to gain their ‘piece’ of online broadcasting real estate and below is a list of links to what I feel are some of the best in hosting content and allowing users to upload their own… er… content.

What is interesting is how many of them have already been bought or are part of major broadcasting corporations, again showing how much this area of the Internet is growing. The Guardian reported that 16-24 year olds are spending 12 hours (on average) a week online which is up 1 hour on last years figures. So after they they have watched 11 hours of porn, they obviously have some time for ‘other’ video content! With viewers moving fluidly between TV broadcasts and online broadcasts and the convergence of their delivery (I already have friends that view the Internet via their PS3 watching content from the Internet on their TV) it’s not surprising that so many corporations are increasing their visibility and fighting for an audience.

Here is also a great blog post from ‘read write web’ giving an Internet TV review of 2007.

Enjoy my gift of linkage…


Happy Friday! 11 days until Xmas, time to start making room in my stomach for the onslaught of food.

I’ve decided to launch a new monthly post called ‘Multiplatform Link Dump’. In here will be mostly my favourite sites from my feed, so for those that don’t keep up to date with it, this should be a one stop shop (post) for link goodness.

Martin Percy interactive video work
Interactive Live Action video work by Martin Percy. The national theatre work in particular is fantastic.
Case study in interactive cinema
This is the first edition of a new Workbook series entitled Case Study. Each month a new project will detail their approach to development, production, post and/or distribution. Like everything else around the Workbook this is an experiment.
A Swarm of Angels // Remixing cinema
I found this really interesting. Reminds me of Tribewanted, with the community around the project contributing financially and creatively.
The site for ‘’ is an interesting idea. I think increasing awareness of the people around your community is a good thing.
Honda’s ASIMO Robot… 3 steps to world domination.
I found this great post all about the new ASIMO Honda robot and how with the new advancements alarm bells are going off for one particular blogger!
Amazing Real Time World Clock!
I love the fact that in one web page you get an immediate perspective on world change. I think it’s a shame it doesn’t expand on this and provide links to reinforce the issues that each of these statistical read outs raise.
PostSecret is an ongoing community art project where people mail in their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard.
One Sentence – True stories, told in one sentence.
Some of the best projects I come across have the most basic of ‘asks’ in this case, tell a story in one sentence. It’s a bit like a modern day Haiku. Some good and bad examples here, but this kind of idea really works for me.
Top 6 Bizarre Online Gaming Incidents
Kidnapping, Murder, seven day quests ending in death… These sound like great gaming moments, but are in-fact real life stories of some of the bizarre things that have happened to online gamers.
A new online web drama by the creators of ‘My So Called Life’.
Metacafe – Café Confidential
Steve Bochos (Creator of Hill Street Blues) project on Metacafe.
Steven Bocho (creator of Hill Street Blues etc) on short form web video.
Steven Bochos’ insights into working with short form video.
Young networkers turn off TV and log on to the web
Europe’s internet users are spending 12 hours a week online, an hour more than last year, with 16- to 24-year-olds – a crucial audience for advertisers – increasingly logging on rather than watching TV, according to research released today.
=============================================================== Gets a Curvy Coca Cola Island
Coca Cola have moved their brand from Second Life to You can view films, shop using coke reward points to buy stuff for your avatar.
Very smart app that lets you zoom into a photo only to reveal the image is made of loads of other photos which you can then zoom in on to… Yes you’ve guessed it, reveal more photo’s.
Cliche Finder
Simple. Brilliant. I’ll be using this loads!
WiseGEEK: clear answers for common questions
This is great… A kind of Geekipedia!!
The Orange Box – Portal
The best experience I’ve had with a game… Ever. Innovative, bat-shit crazy. If you don’t own it – buy it… If you do own it already… You know what I mean. I predict that this game (and the way in which the Orange Box is packaged as a whole) is going to shake up the industry.
YouTube – How We Met
How cool is this. Reminds me of when I tried to tattoo a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle on my arm with my compass and some fountain pen ink… It wasn’t a good look.

I guess that in order to appreciate this post and the links within, it would be worth a quick look at the computer game in which Chewbot (a user from the forums) wrote about prompting this post.

The computer game is called Animal Crossing (Wiki Link) (available for the Nintendo DS & Gamecube computer game consoles and also an animated film in Japan) a cutesy little game with cutesy characters living in their cutesy little world.Chewbot has written up his take on playing through this game, revealing that when you take a close look at the narrative of the story, it can be reinterpreted as… Well… Evil!

It’s not so much the fact that I find this funny (I do) it is more to do with the effort somebody has gone to in working with this media and creating a new story (or at least a reinterpretation). In the same way that Machinema (I’m going to blog more about that soon) takes 3D computer game engines to make new stories using pre existing computer game characters, this does it by placing the games narrative under a microscope and pulling it apart.

I admit in advance that this may be a post that steps over that line between semi and full on geek. For this I apologise, but then again looking around this blog I may have crossed that line a long time ago.

Anyway…Here is a link to the post and a short quote:

“I’ve documented the journey of Billy, a young, happy lad who believes he’s going off to have fantastic adventures at summer camp.This is a literal and practically contextual account of what happens to poor bastards sent to Animal Crossing.This is the true story of Billy.”

Now, I’ve played through Animal crossing on my Nintendo DS, it’s a great little game that has managed (in typical Nintendo style) to gather a cult audience due to it’s passive yet strangely addictive game-play. I have to be honest, I didn’t pay that much attention to the story unfolding in front of me as I played, because, well… There really isn’t much of a story.

Reading through Chewbot’s post reminded me what it must be like when I try and tell friends the storyline behind a game I’ve been playing. Because I am not surrounded by other game players it must come across that a: I’m speaking another language and b: I should really get out more.

Another quote:

“Before I can get a word in edgewise, he (Tom Nook, a character who sells your first home in the game) tells me I bought this piece of crap shed, I owe him a ton of cash and I better pay him back, and seeing as how I don’t have any money, he’d be happy to let me work in his little sweatshop wonderland, so he expects I’ll be stopping by right away. And then he’s gone.”

This reinterpretation of the game reminds me of the Youtube movie trailer mashup videos.

Here are some others: Scary Poppins, Top Gun (The Love Story), The Shining (A Family Movie), David Lynch’s A Goofy Movie, Taxi Driver (Rom Com), Sleepless in Seatle (The Horror Movie).

I really enjoy people telling new stories by working with what’s already out there. It is great to see the renewed interest it can gain for the original brand as people are re-engaging with its content in looking at it in a new light. I’m sure those people on the forum reading Chewbots dark tales from his adventures in Animal Crossing, were reminded of the game and possibly went out and bought it again or at least thought about and connected with it again.

It’s Thursday, the weather here in London is miserable and I thought it would be a good time to post a quick update on some exciting multiplatform shenanigans from across the web.

First up is my favourite bunch of guys in jumpsuits (Power Rangers being my second) it’s the Ghostbusters. I still have flashbacks of being allowed to go and see the first movie with my dad in a crappy cinema in Blackpool. I think the fact that Blackpool is full of the strangest looking people in England only added to the terror I felt when the ugly old “Shhhh” lady launched herself at Bill Murrays face. Well, they are back, The Ghostbusters are jumping from the silver screen straight to a video game for the third instalment of the franchise. Due to them all getting old and no longer looking so hot in boiler suits, the guys have reformed and switched platforms from film to computer game. All the main cast are back and voicing their respective characters for a computer game coming out in Halloween 2008. Rumours bubbling in the ARG (Alternate Reality Games) community is that there could be an ARG game attached so I’ll be keeping my little Monkey eyes on that. The fanbase is still huge for this franchise and I think it’s a smart way of creating fresh content with the original cast without having to roll them out for a ‘Grumpy Old Ghostbusters’ movie. There had been rumours in the past about a CGI movie being in the works, or possibly a reboot of the entire series with a new younger cast. Maybe this is a way for the Ghostbusters team to dip their toes in to gauge the public’s reaction? I can’t wait.

Talking about ARG’s, the new Batman Film seems to have created an interesting ARG experience a couple of days ago. There were events that took place across the US in bakeries. It conspires that The Joker had hidden goodies inside cakes in these bakeries and after much cake destruction, players of the game went away happy little Batman bunnies. They also received a phone number to call which resulted in a new Batman poster being uncovered. It’s not my idea of a ground breaking campaign but it did help it to get some extra press coverage. To be honest though, I’m not sure what a huge prize uncovering the movie poster actually is? Then again for the Batman hardcore I’m sure it was exciting stuff.

Another large franchise jumping platforms is The Terminator, it will be making its way onto television screens in the not too distant future in the guise of The Sarah Conner Chronicles. In the US there has been a bunch of virals being played out on TV and if you go to the website you can see what it is all about. A new Terminator 4 movie is also in the works being directed by McG (Director of the classics… Charlies Angels 1 & 2 and… er… that’s it) so I wonder if we’ll see any link between the two? Who knows. I’m just not so sure I want to see Arnie all old and swollen like a bee stung pensioner. He’s getting so old that when he says “I’ll Be Back” it will take him ages and he’ll need a zimmer frame and a good sit down in the process.

I’m going to sign off by letting people know that BBC are launching a new Torchwood website (Torchwood is a spin off from Doctor Who a UK Sci-Fi series). There is going to be an online game to get involved with so watch this space. Torchwood has so much great sci-fi fodder to play with that I have high expectations for this experience and of Torchwood series two itself.

This post very much ‘does what it says on the tin’.

I recently read a couple of websites (Only Dead Fish Swim With The Water & where they showed and discussed the Nielsen report results for the fastest growing websites as of Sept/Oct 07.So without further ado I’ve listed all the sites and linked them to their appropriate website… I’m good like that.

UK Top 10 Oct 07 Websites:

US Top 10 Sep 07 Websites:

I find the results interesting, especially looking at how hot the Facebook applications are in the UK results. I’m also amazed by LinkedIn and how fast they are growing. I’m LinkedIn but nobody wants to link with me. I hope it’s nothing personal.

Here is an article all about LinkedIn vs Facebook… Good stuff.