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I was going to write a post on virtual worlds today as a colleague of mine has been doing a lot of reading on them recently and I have a bit of a gap in my knowledge. This got me thinking and whilst in search of some statistics to draw upon I came across Neil Perkins post all about Virtual worlds. It is such a good article that I suggest that you have a quick read. Within Neils post is also a link to a Fabric Of Folly blog post on Second Life and other virtual worlds. It contains a comprehensive list of metaverses to check out so again head on over there.

I found this great blog which tracks a video games teacher called Kim as she enters the world of Second Life. It all begins back in November 2005 and she’s still there now. It’s good to be able to follow one persons journey, which I guess is what blogs are all about!

As a user I can’t say I have had great experiences with metaverses. I once spent a day in Second Life and found it to be a bit confusing and definitely not a slick user experience. Its potential is mind bogglingly huge, but for me personally, it’s going to be the evolution of these worlds that will make things interesting. I have a hard enough time trying to do things in my ‘first life’ let alone trying to spend even more time in a second one.

I’m probably going to add to this post as I continue to look into virtual worlds, but for now follow the links in the post to get a good overview.

There was a Virtual Worlds Conference in October in San Jose, plenty of blogs have filtered down the info so again click the links to get the latest.


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